Pilot the World's first intergalactic starship

Project EOS Rise is an epic cooperative space adventure game that combines the thrill of Worker Placement, the excitement of Push Your Luck, and the strategic challenges of Dice Placement.


Game Overview

The Thrill of Worker Placement

Do you dock at an alien space station to engage in a variety of activities like gathering information, restocking supplies, and repairing the EOS.

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Multiple Paths To Victory

What actions will benefit your character and the mission? Is it leveling up, repairing the ship, managing stress, crafting new technology, expanding the EOS, taking on a cargo contract, or powering up the shields?

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Unleash Powerful Crafted Technology

When the moment comes, will you unleash the full power of your crafted technology? Use it to tip the scales in your favor and secure victory!

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  • The Hungry Games

    "It's a cool game, It really is a cool game! Every game I've played has come down to the end. That's a game with the right balance."

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  • The Fanatic Previews

    "Project EOS Rise is a unique blend of ideas. It's an exciting space opera that I highly recommend to solo gamers!"

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  • Brains On Games

    "A lot is going on in this game that I still want to try. There is so much replaybility. This is a real evolution of the pandemic style of game."

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  • CWOWD.COM (French Review)

    "I loved my plays on this game! It's been a long time since I've had so much fun on a game. It's not too long in playing time (1:30) but allows for a rise in power, increasing pressure, and an epic finale!"

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