Pilot the World's First Intergalactic Starship

Project EOS Rise is an epic cooperative space adventure game that combines the thrill of Worker Placement, the excitement of Push Your Luck, and the strategic challenges of Dice Placement.

Game Overview

With An 'Easy To Understand' Game Round!

Here are some examples of the choices you'll face on your journey

The Thrill of Worker Placement

As the pilots of the world's first intergalactic starship, the EOS, you and your team must use your unique skills and ship actions to complete mission-critical tasks such as repairs, crafting technology, taking on contracts, mining asteroids, and more.

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Asymmetric Player Skill Trees

As you traverse the cosmos, your crew will ascend to new heights, leveling up and unlocking branching skill paths that promise thrilling, one-of-a-kind adventures every time you embark. It's your universe to conquer, your goals to achieve, and your path to forge!

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Harness the Power of Technology

Project EOS Rise boasts an impressive arsenal of over 100+ mini cards. These cards encompass everything from lucrative contracts and cutting-edge crafting technology to personalized rooms and thrilling missions. Each card is a potential game-changer, capable of tilting the odds in your favor.

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Beware! Not All Alien Species Are Friendly.

Prepare for the ultimate showdown as you face off against a diverse array of alien ships, each with its own intriguing and unique behaviors.

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Unpredictable Events

Events add a further twist to each game as some are helpful but others can lead to disaster. And you’ll never know which it will be until you draw the card!

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