Important Notice Regarding Component Counts for Project EOS Rise

Important Notice Regarding Component Counts for Project EOS Rise

At Random World Games, our commitment to delivering exceptional tabletop gaming experiences to our community is unwavering. It is with transparency and integrity that we address an oversight that has come to our attention concerning the component counts listed on the back of the Project EOS Rise game box. We value your support and trust, and we want to ensure that you have accurate information about the contents of our game.

Due to a printing error, the component counts provided on the box do not accurately represent the contents of the game. We deeply apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused. To provide you with the correct and precise information, we are pleased to present the accurate component counts for Project EOS Rise:

Main Game Components:


8 Basic Skill Dice
1 Black D6
1 Black D20
10 Advanced Skill Dice


31 Alien Ship Cards (7 Vorde, 12 Galagat, 12 Dexer)
21 Technology Cards
20 Mission Cards (5 per character)
21 Contract Cards
31 Damage Cards
16 Advanced Rooms Cards (4 per character)
4 Alien Space Station Cards
1 Game Facilitator Card
60 Event Cards (15 for each region)


5 Locked Room Tokens
4 Cargo Delivery Tokens
1 Paradise Planet Token
1 EOS Start Token
5 Mining Stations Tokens
15 Skill Tokens
15 Asteroid Tokens
10 F.R.B Tokens
15 Shield Tokens
15 1-Credit Tokens
15 3-Credit Tokens


4 Player Boards
1 Game Board


4 Character Meeples (Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink)
4 Assistant Character Meeples (Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink)
4 White Engineer Reclabration Cubes
4 Character skill Markers (Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink)
4 Lighting Bolt Stress Markers
8 Hull Marker Cubes (light grey cube)
15 White Star Markers
4 Alien Space Stations (Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink)
20 Dexer Alien Ships
12 Galagat Alien Ships
8 Vorde Alien Ships
1 EOS Ship (yellow)
6 Commander power cubes
6 Engineer power cubes
4 Combat Specialist power cubes
4 Pilot power cubes


1 Red Alien Ship Bag
1 Rule Book

AWAY MISSIONS Expansion Components:

1 Room Card
2 Instruction Cards (printed front and back)
17 Mission Cards

We are fully committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. We are actively working to prevent such issues in the future and appreciate your understanding as we address this situation. We also want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for your ongoing support, which drives us to continuously improve and create captivating gaming experiences.

For any inquiries or additional information, please feel free to reach out to us at

Thank you for your trust and understanding as we work to rectify this situation and provide you with the best gaming experience possible.


James Baker, Game Designer and Founder Random World Games

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